Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Height: Short
Weight: warning.png"" is not a number.
Body Attributes: Thin, Slim, Attractive Body, Voluptuous
Facial Attributes: Thin, Soft, Baby Face, Very Pretty, Attractive
Skin Complexion: Swarthy (dark and brooding)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Style: Long, Curly
Facial Hair:
Hair Color: White
Appearance: Disciplined (well kept appearance), Seductive (provocatively dressed and appealing)
Speaking Style: Eccentric, Timid, Fast Talker

Name: Jaden Memory-Summer 'Kross' (Last name was made up spontaniously]

Age:About twenty though she doesn't know exactly as she tries not to remember

Height & Build:About 5ft height wise, her build is petite.

Weight: About 8-9stone, very light either way.. but due to her petite build it doesn't look abnormal.

Hair:Long and black in loose curls

Eyes: Deep brown.

Personality: Very literal and also socially awkward. Jaden is a quick learner when it comes to the Arcana arts, though the slowest learner when it comes to people. Sometimes bluntly truthful because of her social awkwardness she chooses to ignore a lot of things due to being unable to understand. She over complicates sentances and misunderstands slang words on a regular basis making conversation with her either frustraiting or for the more patient person - Very amusing. And because of this a relationship or sometimes a friendship with Jaden would be near impossible to have. Regardless of the above Jaden is bright and sometimes (though rarely) witty though its obvious at times shes fairly hot tempered. Completely terrified of the darkest hour, she will show a new and more human side.(More will come once the char develops)

Descriptive appearence: Petite in size making her look significently younger than her age, Jaden's skin is tanned though paling slightly due to the darkness. Her hair is long and jet black, in slightly messy loose curls. Deep brown watchful eyes, gaze at you if not nervously then apathetically and her expression is often somewhat blank naturally. On the occasion that she does smile its apparent that she is perhaps pretty, even to some be considered beautiful. Most commonly she is seen dressed in her Consortium robe her hood pulled low and only her naturally red lips on show. However when (on the rare occasion) dressed in normal clothing she is always wearing dark silk garments which can give her a suprisingly seductive apperance.